Du's tea FAQs


What is the taste of Du's tea?

Du's tea delivers a mild and calming taste with a mild sweet aftertaste.*


Does Du's tea contain caffeine?

No, Du's tea does NOT contain any caffeine.*


Is this tea packed in tea bags or loose?

Du's tea is packed in standard tea bags.*


I take medication. Can I use Du's tea?

Yes. Du's tea is 100% natural. A few cups a day may actually assist your medication. Simply make your tea time at least 20 minutes apart from your medication. 


Can I remove or reduce my medication if i had good results from using Du's tea?

If you are already on a prescription medication, please do not remove or reduce any of your ongoing medical treatment without consulting a doctor or qualified health consultant, even if you may have received positive results from using the products. Your doctor will make the decision on if your medication can be reduced or removed according to your case. *


Is Du's tea safe for children?

Du's tea is safe for people of sixteen (16) years of age or older.*


How long does it take to see results?

The results vary depending on the individual. It normally takes a few weeks for most customers to see their results. In some cases, some customers see their results within a few days, but can be several months for some customers.*


Are the results guaranteed?

No. Results do vary, depending on age, lifestyle, daily food intake, causes of the symptoms and the amount of the product being consumed. We do not claim that the results are typical, permanent and guaranteed that every single consumer will achieve.*


Is there any restriction on the duration of use?

No, there are no restrictions on the duration of use.*


*Disclaimer: Du's tea, supplements and combos are 100% herbal based. They are not a prescription medicines. (disclaimer)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 239 reviews
Great tea

This is very good tasting tea-you don't need to sweeten it at all and it really does lower your blood pressure. I have been using it for years

Has helped lower my blood pressure

I've been taking Du's Tea for several months (I drink only one teabag per day) and my blood pressure is much lower and at very good levels. Also, I no longer have the occasional spikes where it used to go up to 170. Since the tea is the only thing I've been doing that's different, I believe it is effectively keeping my blood pressure low.

Early days yet

I have only been using the tea for 20 days so it is difficult to tell if it has had any effect on lowering my blood pressure. However I find it pleasant to drink and will keep monitoring my blood pressure.


Too early to see any major change with blood pressure. GH

Du's Tea Harmoni - T

I enjoy drinking the Du's tea as I can't have normal teas or coffee containing caffeine

Did tea

The blood pressure is going down but it is on the slow run

Time will tell

Too soon to see any discernible results but I'm hopeful. Will see how I go after I finish the trial pack.

This stuff works!

My blood pressure was becoming alarmingly high with consistent 160 /100 readings about 2 weeks ago .Reading about Du's tea I was a little sceptical but thought I'd give it a try to avoid blood pressure medication[ my doctor was suggesting] with their side effects .Two weeks in and I am seeing a definite improvement with an average of 130/90 readings which I am very happy with.Will continue with the pro capsules to hopefully see an even further improvement.Can't recommend highly enough.This supplement is the real deal!

Did Absolutely Nothing

Tastes ok I guess if you're a tea drinker
But Lower Blood Pressure ? That is total and utter Bulls#!t

Craig’s review

At the moment my blood pressure is still high although it does fluctuate, I have found the tea to be quite pleasant to drink and I will continue to use it.

*Disclaimer: Customer reviews appearing below are genuine reviews verified by third party. They are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used Du's tea and combos. However, they are individual results and results do vary, depending on age, lifestyle, daily food intake, causes of the symptoms and the amount of the product being consumed. We do not claim that they are typical, permanent and guaranteed results that every single consumer will achieve.