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The Tea Works Wonders

Just a quick message to say my Doctor's had told me my blood pressure was up and They wanted to put me on Blood Pressure pills to bring it down. I asked, if I start these pills, can I come off them later on, Their answer was, Yes.
I took the prescription home and asked my Son to please check out if I start these can I come off them, He came back from His investigation and said no Dad if you start, your on them for ever. I said no thanks and went looking for a natural product and found Du's Tea.
After about 2 months the Doctors office called and wanted to check me over, so booked me in for a check up. At that check up my Doctor checked my Blood Pressure and it was very close to normal. His reaction was, see, there you go those pills work!!
Well, I don't know if they work or not, neither do I care as I know Du's Tea does work! Just ask my Doctor.

Du's Pro - 60s, 30 Day
Tadeusz Gaszcz
Best tea in pill form

My blood pressure started to go down after the first week . I did not first know which supplement caused it , I take quite a few, the blood pressure returned to my usual value of 140/90. I think it's Du's that did that. Thank you

Du's Pro - 60s, 30 Day
Karl Camden-Burch
Great Natural Product

Du's Tea capsules really do work. I have been able to lower my blood pressure and at the same time lower the blood pressure medication. Service is great and fast.

Du's Pro - 60s, 30 Day
Warren Bishop
Love Natural

Pleased to have found du tea it has helped with my blood pressure without all the nasty drugs

Du's Pro

Working a bit I think however, I take medication also - which I want to get rid of I am taking two tablets daily one in the morning and one at night .my BP hovers between 140 -150 and 85- 82. I want to get it down to 120/80. Do I increase the dose to 2 tabs two times a day ? Please advise

Hi Ujjal. Yes, it is ok to increase the dose to 2 tabs twice a day. Best Regards

Strong tea

Brings down BP quite well

Amazing Du's Pro

I started taking Du's Pro through my trial of natural blood pressure control and have been amazed at the results. My blood pressure while taking the Du's Tea capsules has stabilised which is a great result in itself but it has stabilised around a better than avaerge level for my age. Great product easy to take and the tea bags taste good too...R

It Really Works

My name is Anjali
I was highly recommended by a Yogi student early this year who has been drinking DU'S TEA past 6 yrs
Now I use tablets for past 5 months love how I feel with these tablets I take 2 daily.
Twice I forgot to take my HP Tabs & I felt the same as though I did take them...
Feeling very blessed that I'm on my way & determined to get rid of BLOOD PRESSURE MEDS FOR GOOD..155/78 this product & have recommended to my family n friends


Two every day, excellent. Health improved. Would not want to go without daily dose.

Du's Pro - 60s, 30 Day
Antoniya Mineva
DU’s tea

Good tea.It works.One has to wait few weeks for the results but it definitely works.Happy with the tea.

Du's Pro - 60s, 30 Day
Lenice Schultz
Blood pressure

Great product has reduced my blood pressure was 170/100 to 140/70, I could not reduce my blood pressure until I started taking these pills I never thought they would work but has proved me wrong.

It works

Bought in the hope it would settle my blood pressure, it did to a degree.

Slept very well

I really like the outcome of this product as it helped me sleep very well and gets me refreshed every morning.. impressive

Hypertension & Heart Combo
Patricia Phillips
Blood Pressure Stayed the same

I measured my blood pressure daily and it made no difference.

Du's Pro

Great thank you

lower blood pressure

Works well to lower blood pressure for my wife. with other herbal supplements.

2 months in

I have been taking 2 x tabs 2 x day and 3-4 cups of tea per day for 2 months along with regular exercise and gym workouts. I was excited to be told by my doctor this week that I should trial dropping off my BP medication. My medication was a low mg but still to get this result was great. My view is the Du's Tea has stabilised my BP issues and I will trial lowering my BP medication this week...R

5 stars

Brilliant Blood Pressure is back to where it should be . And it is a lovely tasting tea . Will be ordering some more


Tea Taste great, Lowered Blood pressure not sure because I am on 80mg tablets
and now increased to 80Mmg plus. Family history of HBP but enjoying the tea and I am sure it has benefited me in some form. I would defiantly recommend people to try it and continue to drink it.

du s tea trial

I love this tea it has definitely lowered my blood pressure and increased my wellbeing

Du's Tea Standard Box - 60 Day (120 Bags)
Thomas Tscherepko
My first drink in the morning

When I get up I have my Harmoni Tea with honey....i have also noticed it has reduced my blood presser a lot....I would recommend to everybody....I already have 2 friends on it and they can't thank me enough....Give it a go it's your Health

Best thing for high blood pressure

I found that the Du's tea is great. I have had to cut down to TWO cups a day as my blood pressure had gone down to 121/67. Top Product

Du's Pro - 60s, 30 Day
Yvonne Corica
Du's pro Tea.

Du's pro is excellent. It also gives me a good night's sleep.

Du's Pro - 60s, 30 Day
Margaret Mavity
Du's tea capsules

Having taken 2capsules morning and night since my first purchase a couple of months ago unfortunately did not help my high blood pressure, it didn't decrease at
all but I am sure they will help others


I have been using Du tea for many years now and will never be without it,it keeps my bp at a healthy level and I love the taste.The cmfort tea I take before bed and find this helps unwind my busy mind and helps me sleep through the night.