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Du's Tea

Only having 1 cup at night in bed but it seems to be helping my general wellbeing and assisting with my BP .

I love drinking DU Tea

I love drinking DU tea especially at work instead of drinking water all day as l talk all day. I have to monitor my BP regularly and does seem to come down after drinking the tea all the time. Also find it has a calming affect. I like that you make the tea have a stronger taste which satisfies my coffee taste buds. Fantastic tea🌝

Hypertension & Hear combo

The Hypertension tea has been working well, my blood pressure would normally be 160/90 and sometimes higher, it is now 120/75. So I thought I would try the heart combo to see how both work together. Not sure yet

A friend recordation

Great It's helped with m y high blood pressure

Du's Pro

I have been really impressed with Du's Pro.
It has not only lowered my blood pressure it has also gave me more energy. I started off taking 2 capsules a day with BP monitoring and now I have found 1 capsule is working for me.

Blood pressure

This tea works well for high blood pressure. I use it in combination with hibiscus tea and get good results.


This Reduced my blood pressure


Love it

Du's tea

I drink one at night.for me it health tonic.for my wife it is helping with blood pressure and weight ,works well on sluggish bowels when drinking two or more per day.


The tea completely ineffective to reduce my blood pressure. So it's clearly waste of money. It's fake .

Unfortunately I have experienced no noticeable reduction in blood pressure

Taking for hypertension

Really enjoy the taste. After a month of two cups per day my systolic blood pressure is down by about 10 points. Hoping for progress with my diastolic pressure which is stubbornly higher than normal even though I am fit and eat well.

i was pleased with the result

Special monk tea stuff

Plenty of benefits!
Doesn’t taste that bad!
Body is saying thank you! 😃👍

So good 😊 will order more soon

I have only been taking a few days at the,moment good

I haven’t received my order!

Please check into it - I ordered over a month ago, and received nothing yet! Please!

<p>Dear William. We do apologise for the significant shipping delay due to the international wide lock-down during the pandemic between April and June. Our shipping is back to normal now. We do apologise for the inconvenience caused. - Du's Tea</p>

blood pressure has reduced since using this product


I do feel it is a relaxing tea but too soon to see if it has an effect on blood pressure

re Du's tea bags

I value this tea-- it appears to be helpful for my health.

overall--i think this is a good product-helpful--its too early to say about the capsules--the tea is great!!!

Feeling better than before

Working well. Have taken the tea for 2 weeks & feeling better for it. Am hoping that in time I will be able to reduce the dosage of my blood pressure tablets that the dr prescribed, or ideally, eliminate them altogether.


Because of Covid I just received order yesterday. I am looking forward to enjoying my teas and their benefits. Very excited to get started.

Du's tea

I think my bp has gone down a bit, but I can't drink it without some sugar or honey in it, is that ok